February 6th, 2019 § 0 comments

is comforting.

These past two days we’ve been holding program wide meetings to orient new users to our project’s overall objectives and the methodology & tools necessary to carry out their intended duties. Total resource population ~70.

I noticed something peculiar during the second day, second meeting. (I have observation/staring habits) The meeting was held in the same room, untouched from our exit. As they entered, each person resumed the exact same seat they had previously occupied -a slight feat considering the multitude of chairs in disarray- while only a likely few had moved to seats they were eying during the past meeting. Previous occupants were then left quite puzzled when they noticed that someone had taken their seat. I chortled in amusement sitting on the opposing area from my preceding location.

But perhaps my need for a different perspective over a return to the familiar was a reflection of my take on life? Home is always home, but all this time spent away has been equally fulfilling.

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