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February 5th, 2009 § 579 comments

made me skurred, but should I be flattered?

Today I attended a dinner get together to familiarize ourselves with new project team members as well as raise some funds for Junior Achievement volunteers. There I reacquainted myself with Emily, who I had previously met, but never got a chance to talk to. She told me to sit by her and we started chatting. After discussing future lunch plans and utter boredom this past week she suddenly had an “Oh I meant to tell you earlier about this…” moment.

Two to three weeks ago Emily (who i will now refer to as E) was sitting in the same car as me, and due to the Subway awkwardness (of which I had planned to blog about earlier) my attention was 100% focused on whatever I had decided would avert it from glancing around at others (don’t forget about my staring tendencies). Typically this involves me reading emails/watching shows on my iPhone. This had to be the case, because apparently artist lady next to me had a large sketchpad and, as E demonstrated, flipped the cover over and began sketching me. She was sketching me on the subway! who does that?! As she rose to get off the train, E saw her sketch and realized it was obviously one of me. (i’ve had a beard since i’ve been in nyc, also a dead giveaway) So E thought it was an amusing antic until artist lady begins following me out of the train, thus raising some concern with E. -Humor Gone- E made sure she didn’t stalk me home since we both live at the same building. I need to buy E lunch.

After coming home from dinner I talked with IC in facebook chat, and amidst our conversation she said that the incident should also be somewhat flattering. Hm. I suppose it is! i am still completely creeped out.

As an aside, while reading something my friend ST wrote to me on fb, revisiting an event in the past, a few happy tears came out. I yearned for a hug.

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