February 12th, 2009 § 564 comments

Departure Time: 8:15pm, Updated Departure Time: 11:50pm ugh

Right now I’m sitting in the food court around the C120-C139 gates unsurprised at the delay in flight (as no NYC traveler should be). Tired and hungry I order some Teriyaki Chicken from Sarku (does anyone order anything else from this place? they should just name it $5 Teriyaki Chicken) and grab a seat. Amidst my meal, some guy sits next to me…RIGHT next to me and starts eating his smelly Mexican food. Had there been no empty seats I would not mind, but there were several empty tables. Why the hell couldn’t you have sat at ANY of the other empty tables in the immediate proximity, hell you could’ve just sat diagonally from me and that would’ve been fine. I was perturbed, but my food was placating this annoyance. As trivial as it is, this doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the urinal rule. If a guy is taking a piss in a urinal, you are hereby obligated to opt for any other urinal one space over and not immediately to the left or right of currently occupied urinal if possible. In retaliation for this violation, I glare at any rule breakers while the stream is flowing. (guy next to me just looked at my screen, I hope he has noticed his crime)

Anyway, my goal for this entry was interrupted. On my way to the gate, the walkway and waiting areas were relatively empty save a few travelers here and there. Strolling past a few college/hs girls I hear a wolf whistle, so I turn around and realize that I was the object of their attention. wth? this normally doesn’t happen, so I just smile back. Based on this week, maybe I should change my mind.

A girl I work with had to enter her time charged this week to our project via an internally controlled tool only accessible from our client laptops. She walks over and ‘hey ryan’ smiles and I know she needs to use my computer. Of course, she could have asked anyone on her side of the building, but I realize she’s making a point coming to me. She fulfills her need, we small talk, and she leaves. ‘see you around’, smirking. Less than a minute later, she’s back. More small talk..what did you do last weekend, what have you been up to during the week, we should have dinner sometime. OK there it is. She leaves. Another minute passes and she’s back. Persistent little one. More small talk leading up to …we should have lunch sometime. I give her my number and she calls me the night. We continue a flirtation that started at our last evening dinner party. Lots of drinks and lots of accidentally bumping her chest into my arm. She’s sounding kinda skanky I know, but I’ve come to the realization that this is typical. Not trying to sound so pejorative towards consultants but there are two traits pervasive through them all. They are 1) Lonely and 2) Horny.

k. i’m done. this got pretty long, but I still have 2.5 hrs left to wait, sigh.

Seacrest. Out.

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